This is the curriculum for Officers in SID Territory.

This is comprised of Senior Youth Leadership for Departmental Director at SID or Officer in Union or Conference within SID and an active supporter of Senior Youth Ministries.

About the Course.



  1. Be an Officer or Departmental Director at SID or Officer in Union or Conference within SID, and an active Supporter Senior Youth Ministries.
  2. Complete the 10 Hour Senior Youth Seminar.
  3. Submit your certificate (BA Theology/Religion or MDiv from any registered and accredited Adventist University to the Instructor/Youth Director.

10 Hour Senior Youth Seminars

  1. The Youth Leader as a Spiritual Leader, Mentor and Friend.
  2. Understanding the History, Philosophy, Vision, Objectives and Structure of Adventist Youth Ministry.
  3. Developing a purpose Driven Model for Youth Ministry in the Local Church 
  4. Mentoring, Ownership and Empowerment in Youth Ministry.
  5. Comprehensive Evangelism
  6. The Need for Specialized Youth Ministry.
  7. Creative Youth Ministry (to include programming)
  8. Maximizing the Opportunities Offered by social media while Circumventing its Hazards.
  9. Spiritual Giftedness and Service.
  10. Understanding the Youth.

Course Outline

  1. You and God
  2. You and You
  3. You and Youth
  4. You and The Church
  5. You and The Community.


SYL Curriculum for Pastors doesn't seek to promote an elicit and exclusive SYL training program, but it's spirit and purpose is to recognise that Pastors receive extensive Theological and Adventist Church History training at Adventist Theological Seminaries.

Therefore, Youth Ministries affirms such training but urges the Pastors who are enrolled in SYL to exhibit a humble spirit and collegiality towards other SYL trainees who are not Pastors. The Divisions (where necessary, the Unions) will give further guidance to their constituencies in the interest of fostering cohesion and harmony among all SYL trainees.