About the Course


The Senior Youth Leader (SYL) curriculum is for individuals (approved by the church board) who wish to take Senior Youth Ministry to the next level using Biblical principles and contemporary methods.  After completion of the SYL such individuals may be called upon to lead the Ambassador Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, and Public Campus Ministry at the local church. 


Local Church Emphasis

The one ear-Mickey Mouse model depicts a strange placement of youth ministry. It seems to suggest that the youth department is a standalone unit when in fact, it is at the heart of the local church. The aim of this curriculum is to strengthen this reality so that the operations of the youth department are understood in the context of the local church.



The subject of mentoring has become popular within youth circles. The curriculum addresses and makes use of mentorship concepts from the beginning to the end.  Each candidate shall formerly be accepted into the program through the local church board and assigned a mentor who will walk them through the course.


This new proposed curriculum will integrate training with the use of technology to bring together the natural inclination of AMBASSADORS, YOUNG ADULTS, AND PUBLIC CAMPUS STUDENTS toward media.  It also includes the latest terminology and programs/initiatives of the department. Candidates are at liberty to choose between digital (video or audio) recording or physical filing.

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