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About the Course.



  1. Be an Officer or Departmental Director at SID or Officer in Union or Conference within SID, and an active Supporter Senior Youth Ministries.
  2. Complete the 10 Hour Senior Youth Seminar.
  3. Submit your certificate (BA Theology/Religion or MDiv from any registered and accredited Adventist University to the Instructor/Youth Director.

10 Hour Senior Youth Seminars

  1. The Youth Leader as a Spiritual Leader, Mentor and Friend.
  2. Understanding the History, Philosophy, Vision, Objectives and Structure of Adventist Youth Ministry.
  3. Developing a purpose Driven Model for Youth Ministry in the Local Church 
  4. Mentoring, Ownership and Empowerment in Youth Ministry.
  5. Comprehensive Evangelism
  6. The Need for Specialized Youth Ministry.
  7. Creative Youth Ministry (to include programming)
  8. Maximizing the Opportunities Offered by social media while Circumventing its Hazards.
  9. Spiritual Giftedness and Service.
  10. Understanding the Youth.

Course Outline

  1. You and God
  2. You and You
  3. You and Youth
  4. You and The Church
  5. You and The Community.


SYL Curriculum for Pastors doesn't seek to promote an elicit and exclusive SYL training program, but it's spirit and purpose is to recognise that Pastors receive extensive Theological and Adventist Church History training at Adventist Theological Seminaries.

Therefore, Youth Ministries affirms such training but urges the Pastors who are enrolled in SYL to exhibit a humble spirit and collegiality towards other SYL trainees who are not Pastors. The Divisions (where necessary, the Unions) will give further guidance to their constituencies in the interest of fostering cohesion and harmony among all SYL trainees.

About the Course

Club Ministries Training (CMT) is a curriculum framework that provides in-depth training for club staff in specific roles. The certifications are designed to be completed within one year and are meant to equip leaders of all varieties for the ministries in which they serve. They are not levels of Investiture Achievement such as Sunbeam, Friend, or Guide, but rather opportunities for individuals to learn more about being an effective director, instructor, counselor, etc. Certifications are earned by attending workshops, working with a mentor, doing fieldwork, and preparing a documentation Portfolio.

CMT is based on the Adventist Youth Ministry Training (AYMT) certifications, developed by the North American Division.


To apprise the Trainer of Trainer on the Development of the CMT Portfolio and Certification Checklist.


1.  Be a baptized member, in regular standing, of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

2.  Be at least 18 years of age to start this course

3.  Have a written recommendation from your Local Church Board

4.  Submit an NRC and Baptism Certificate Photo copies

5.  Be an active member of the Local Adventurer or Pathfinder Ministries

6.  Have a written recommendation letter from your local Pathfinder Director

7.  Have a Police Clearance Certification with no adverse records on Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse any other offense given by the law

8.  Complete a background check and child protection course, and be approved by your Conference/Mission


9.  Complete each of the following CMT Pathfinder Basic Staff Training workshops:

a.  Club Ministry: Purpose & History

i.  Know the history of the Pathfinder Club in Zambia and submit your findings on one page summarizing its development.

ii.  Undertake the Pathfinder basic Staff Training Course

iii.  Have an understanding on how to influence Pathfinders in their developmental stages and summarize your findings on a one page (Refer to resources like Self Esteem Teen, Habits of Effective Teens, or any other Junior Resource Manual provided by the Seventh-day Adventist Church).

iv.  Attend a seminar that talk about the increase of optimism in the Pathfinders, how to build their resiliency to negative influences and strengthen their hope in the Junior Youth Ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

v.  Under take a survey and identify the purpose that the Pathfinder Club brings to your local community. Summarize your findings on one page.

vi.Possess a skill (or undergo a training) that focuses on the greater innovation and creativity of the Pathfinder Club. Sum up your realized benefits of such an attribute on one page highlighting the benefits to the Club.
vii.Vii.  Know your temperaments and understand how different temperaments may be used to safe guard the interests of the Pathfinder Club. On one page, summarize the importance of understanding temperaments.

b.  Club Organization

i.  Know the necessary steps that are involved in the organization of a Pathfinder Club. Summarize your findings by highlighting on a page the importance of effective organization.

ii.  Understand the distinction amongst the committees that govern the existence of the Pathfinder Club. Put up a page summary of your findings.

iii.  Understand the values of the Pathfinder Constitution as provided for in the Pathfinder Administrative Manual.

c.  Programming & Planning

i.  Demonstrate the ability to satisfactorily program and plan by preparing the following;

(a).  A yearly calender considering all public holidays and School calender

(b).  Sample Weekly Meeting clearly stating all activities.

(c).  Pathfinder Day investiture program

ii.  Show competency in Camp planning by sketching camp set up

iii.  Successfully lead a Pathfinder Class in Camping Skills at any level of choice

d.  Club Outreach

i.  Earn any Two of the following honors

(a).  Child Evangelism

(b).  Homiletics

(c).  Any of the ADRA honor

ii.Complete a survey and write a two page reflection paper on the Spiritual Gifts
iii.Do any Community Service or Outreach organized by your Local Conference, District or Church (Proof of pictures and submit a one page summary explaining the event and your role.

e.  Ceremonies & Drill

i.  Have an honor in Drills and Matching

ii.Know the Flag etiquettes
iii.Show your competence by sketching the Pathfinder Parade set up including the position Colours and Guidons

f.  Developmental Growth

i.  Read or listen to the book Education and submit a one page response focusing on the benefits of reading

ii.  Read the book Child guidance and submit a one page response on the benefits of reading

iii.  Attend the seminar dealing with Child Development

vi.  Understand the stages of Child Development

v.  Understand the ethnic and cultural context of Junior Pathfinder Preadolescence (AGES 10-12) and Teen Pathfinders Early Adolescence (AGES 13-15)

vii.  Understand the four Basic Needs of Children

(a).  Physical

(b).  Mental

(c).  Emotional

(d).  Spiritual

g.  Introduction to Teaching

i.  Write a one page document explaining how you can effectively teach a lesson to Pathfinders

ii.  Outline teaching styles that recomends the ones suitable for Pathfinders

iii.  Suggest outdoor activities that can help you effectively teach certain concepts to Pathfinders

h.  Medical, Risk Management and Child Safety Issues

i.  Explore the Adventist Risk Management website and submit a one page document  on how to manage risks

ii.  Attend a workshop on Child Abuse and submit at least one page response on the importance of Child Abuse

iii.  Have at least four of the following honors

(a).  Basic Rescue

(b).  Basic First Aid

(c).  Knot Tying

(d).  Fire Building & Camp Cookery

(e).  CPR

(f).  Temperance

vi.  Hold a current Red Cross First and CPR certificate or its equivalent


10.  Complete at least one of each of the following CMT Pathfinder Basic Staff Training Workshops

  i.  CMT Pathfinder Club Counselor

  ii.  CMT Pathfinder Club Instructor

  iii.  CMT Pathfinder Club Secretary/Treasurer

  vi.  CMT Pathfinder Club Director


  11.  Complete a seminar in the following

  i.  Leadership Skills

  ii.  Communication Skills

  12.  Have or earn each of the following honors:

  i.  Camping Skills I-IV

  ii.  Orienteering

  iii.  Hiking

  vi.  Christian Story Telling


  13.  Complete a portfolio documenting all of your work related   to CMT curriculum

  14.  All the documents must be checked and signed by the mentor

  15.  All the CMT facilitator must be approved by the   Conference Youth Director

  16.  The portfolio must be signed by the District pastor/Elder   and the Mentor before submitting it to the Local Conference.

  17.  Must have a part for official use only that must be filled   in by the Local Conference Youth Director or their designee.

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About the Course


  1. Be a baptized member, in regular standing, of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  2. Be at least 16 years of age to start this card and 18 years of age at Investiture.
  3. Complete a background check and child protection course and be approved by your Conference/Mission.
  4. With your mentor, prayerfully discuss what it means to be a Master Guide and why you want to become a Master Guide. Include a written one-page report or video in your Portfolio.
  5. Complete each of the following CMT Basic Staff Training workshops (available in the Master Guide Curriculum Manual) or its equivalent for Adventurer leaders:
    • Club Ministry: Purpose & History
    • Club Organization
    • Programming & Planning
    • Club Outreach
    • Ceremonies & Drill
    • Developmental Growth
    • Introduction to Teaching
    • Medical, Risk Management, and Child Safety Issues
Additional Prerequisite Notes

Your progress as a candidate is under the supervision of your Conference/Mission. If under 18 years of age, you do not have to complete a background check, but you must be supervised by an adult when working with minors.


Leadership Identity and Growth (Wisdom)

  1. Complete each of the following Conference/Mission approved leadership training workshops (materials available in the Master Guide Curriculum Manual):
  2. Read or listen to the book Education by Ellen White. Write a one-page reflection on what you have learned and how you can apply it in your ministry.
  3. Read or listen to a book about Adventist leadership selected by your Conference/ Mission and do two Share Section options.
  4. For each of the following, complete a survey and write a two-page reflection paper:
    • Spiritual Gifts
    •  Personalities
  5. For at least one year, be an active staff member in an Adventurer or Pathfinder Club or teach a Sabbath School for these age groups. Complete each of the following:
    • Attend at least 75% of all staff meetings.
    •  Teach three Adventurer awards or two Pathfinder honors.
    •  Have or earn the Christian Storytelling honor.
Lifestyle Development (Stature)
  1. Choose one of the following and record your progress:
    •  Have or earn the Physical Fitness honor.
    •  Have or earn the Sportsman Master Award.
    •  Complete the physical fitness section of the AY Silver Award or Gold Award.
    •  In consultation with your Master Guide Mentor, choose a fitness app and complete at least a three-month program.
    •  Complete a three-month physical fitness program recommended by your doctor.
  2. Have or earn each of the following honors:
    •  Basic Water Safety
    •  Camp Safety
    •  Camping Skills I
    •  Camping Skills II
    •  Temperance
  3. Have or earn at least three of the following honors:
    •  Backpacking
    •  Basic Rescue
    •  Camping Skills III
    •  Camping Skills IV
    •  Drilling & Marching
    •  Ecology
    •  Fire Building & Camp Cookery
    •  Knot Tying
    •  Nutrition
    •  Orienteering
    •  Stewardship
  4. Hold a current Red Cross First Aid & CPR certificate or its equivalent.
Spiritual Growth (Favor with God)
  1. Choose one of the following and do two Share Section options:
    •  Read or listen to the four Gospels and The Desire of Ages by Ellen G. White.
    •  Read or listen to the Encounter Plan, Series 1: Christ the Way.
  2. Keep a devotional journal for at least one month, summarizing what you learn in your devotional time and outlining how you are growing in your faith.
  3. Read or listen to the book Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White and do two Share Section options.
  4. Write a one-paragraph personal reflection on each of the 28 Fundamental Beliefs.
  5. Choose one of the following:
    • Teach a three-month Bible class/baptismal study
    •  Teach five of the following beliefs at a church-approved program:
      1.  Creation
      2.  The Experience of Salvation
      3.  Growing in Christ
      4. The Remnant and its Mission
      5.  Baptism
      6.  Spiritual Gifts and Ministries
      7.  The Sabbath
      8.  Christ’s Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary
      9.  The Second Coming of Christ
      10.  Death and Resurrection
  6. Choose one of the following and do two Share Section options:
    • Have or earn the Sanctuary honor.
    •  Attend a Conference/Mission approved workshop about the Sanctuary.
  7. Choose one of the following and do two Share Section options:
    •  Have or earn the Adventist Pioneer Heritage honor.
    •  Watch the series Tell the World.
    •  Watch the series Keepers of the Flame.
    •  Read or listen to a book on church heritage approved by your Conference/Mission.
Community Development (Favor with Man)
  1. Have or earn the Personal Evangelism honor.
  2. Have or earn three of the following honors:
    •  Cultural Diversity Appreciation
    •  Peacemaker
    •  Social Media
    •  One ADRA honor not previously earned
    •  One Household Arts honor not previously earned
  3. Participate in organizing three social/fellowship events with your local church.
  4. Choose one of the following and when possible, involve your club or youth group:
    • Meet with a local government agency, non-profit, or other organization and participate in a community service project.
    •  Work in an outreach initiative with your local coordinator of ADRA (or an equivalent ministry) for a minimum of three months.

Share Section

Share what you are learning! Include evidence (picture, written summary, link, etc.) in your Portfolio.

  • Write three inspirational cards and give them to a friend that does not attend church.
  • Post three of your favorite quotes (with brief commentary) on social media or a personal blog.
  • Record a video or podcast summarizing three ideas you learned and post it online.
  • Discuss with a group three concepts you can apply to evangelism.
  • Present a devotional to your club or youth group.
  • Share in another creative way approved by your Conference/Mission.
Investiture Requirements
  1. Have a written recommendation from your local church board, stating that you are a baptized member in regular standing.
  2. Complete all requirements of the Master Guide curriculum and pass a Portfolio review (see Manual) conducted by your Conference/Mission.
  3. The Master Guide program must be completed in a minimum of one year and a maxi­mum of three years. Any requirements fulfilled outside of the three-year limit must be re­peated. This time limit does not apply to honors previously earned or to candidates who require specific physical or medical accommodation.
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About the Course


The Senior Youth Leader (SYL) curriculum is for individuals (approved by the church board) who wish to take Senior Youth Ministry to the next level using Biblical principles and contemporary methods.  After completion of the SYL such individuals may be called upon to lead the Ambassador Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, and Public Campus Ministry at the local church. 


Local Church Emphasis

The one ear-Mickey Mouse model depicts a strange placement of youth ministry. It seems to suggest that the youth department is a standalone unit when in fact, it is at the heart of the local church. The aim of this curriculum is to strengthen this reality so that the operations of the youth department are understood in the context of the local church.



The subject of mentoring has become popular within youth circles. The curriculum addresses and makes use of mentorship concepts from the beginning to the end.  Each candidate shall formerly be accepted into the program through the local church board and assigned a mentor who will walk them through the course.


This new proposed curriculum will integrate training with the use of technology to bring together the natural inclination of AMBASSADORS, YOUNG ADULTS, AND PUBLIC CAMPUS STUDENTS toward media.  It also includes the latest terminology and programs/initiatives of the department. Candidates are at liberty to choose between digital (video or audio) recording or physical filing.

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